Rosanne Morris



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Artist Statement

Abstract work destined for contemporary spaces.

I remember the moment my art journey took a magical turn. Sitting at home in my living room a decade ago, sipping water from an azure blue hand crafted glass— sunlight streamed through the water creating dappled light effects, reflecting shadow and a spectrum of colour. “You need to photograph this”, said my husband. So, it began. Transferring high resolution, macro photo details of light through glass to my iPad, I began a new process of digital painting: transforming shape, adding colour and texture to closeup photos of light through glass and water to create something new. Tibetans describe the process of seeing beauty in a new way “Miksang”— seeing with a “good eye”— a concept that resonates with me deeply.

I see daily opportunities to photograph light, beauty and colour in the world around me. Opportunities are ever available — if we have eyes to see.

My camera is my constant companion. 

Each of three noted series of my abstract minimalist Digital Fine Art is uniquely inspired.

The “Xaquixe Glass” series is inspired by delicate colours reflected through light and water in Xaquixe handblown glass created in Oaxaca City in Mexico.

The “After Barbara Hepworth” series is based on photo details of Hepworth’s magnificent organic sculptures on display at Tate St. Ives and in her home studio Trewyn in the village of St. Ives.

And, the “Essence of Being” series reflects deeply personal experiences in which photographed light and shadow are transformed creating mesmerizing organic, abstract shapes related to the realm of spirit.

Each work of art (Limited Edition of 5) is based on a macro photograph that has been adjusted digitally using an iPad, Apple Pencil, and software applications. No paint is applied: colour is added using virtual paintbrushes to create dramatic impact. Works are printed with archival quality inks on metal panel, sized to suit your space.


Born in Toronto, Rosanne has been painting for over forty years. While teaching and working as a school principal, Rosanne joined art classes at Haliburton School of the Arts, Neilson Park Creative Art Centre in Etobicoke and the McMichael Gallery Canadian Art Collection. Painting with professional artists piqued her desire to explore painting. Instruction included: Non-Objective Painting, Painting from a Model, Contemporary Landscape Painting, and Open Studio.

For the past ten years, Rosanne has hit her stride creating Digital Fine Art in her Guelph studio, finding great joy in the process. Her style is unique, minimalist and highly recognizable. The spirit of Rosanne’s work is at once organic, and architectural.

Rosanne is a proud member of The Guelph Studio Tour group, an association of 50 member artists with studios in Guelph, Ontario. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, United States and Mexico.